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Epygi is helping your business energise its telephony needs.
As the energy industry continues to grow and transform, communication amongst your company's many players, including yourself, employees, laboratories and government agencies, domestically and abroad, is vital for future developments to occur.

The following features are essential to foster an effective and efficient communication environment.


Recommended Features:


Auto Attendant.
The Auto Attendant feature is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that replaces a human operator and directs calls to the appropriate extensions or voice mailboxes. It engages callers through pre-recorded or synthesised audio prompts.

Call Routing.
Call Routing allows calls to travel through a network along a pre-determined path to its final destination. This feature helps determine the least expensive way and/or least congested path to route a call. Incoming calls can also be grouped according to area code and routed to specific customer service reps who manage different geographic regions.


Find Me Follow Me.
The Find Me Follow Me feature permits employees to have calls track them down wherever they are. This Quadro feature makes your employees more efficient, because it gives them the ability to handle office tasks from any location.

Unified Messaging.
Unified Messaging integrates different message types - voicemail, email, text messaging and fax - into a single box that is accessible from a variety of devices, including your office phone, PC and mobile phone.


Customer's Stories:

INAgip is an oil and gas exploration and production company located in Zagreb, Croatia. They needed a phone system that would provide them with greater system stability and reliability. They also deemed it critical that they have remote access to their GUI in order to monitor maintenance on their offshore natural gas platform. Upon installing the QuadroM32x, each of INAgip's specific needs were met, including the fact that their new system was backed by quick and knowledgeable support.


Signal Resources.
Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Signal Resources secures wellbores that have been abandoned, marginally producing or in need of repair. They were looking to install a telecommunications system that would be able to internally integrate communication at an economical price. After installing the Quadro2x2, they found Epygi's Auto Attendant feature, and the ability to use one central company phone number, to be instrumental in the success of their business.


Tropigas de Puerto Rico.
Tropigas de Puerto Rico, Inc. is one of the major suppliers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Puerto Rico. They installed a QuadroM32x at the headquarters and a Quadro6L at the remote site. These installations reduced overall maintenance costs and service charges. They also provided reliable, high-quality voice communications particularly for remote locations.