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We are committed to assisting you in effectively helping others.
With limited resources, including staff and funding, it is vital for your non-profit to have the ability to maintain incoming and outgoing calls. Epygi's QX products make it possible for your non-profit business to efficiently help others by providing you with affordable, reliable and easy to use products and features.

The following features are essential for your business to help the community locally and abroad.


Recommended Features:


Auto Dialler.
The Auto Dialler allows users to automate outbound calls directly to their clients. The messages played to the clients can be prerecorded and updated regularly. The list to call can be created in any spreadsheet application and exported to CSV format. The clients contacted can be prompted to respond to the information with pre-set options delivered by the automatic call.

Call Hunt.
Call Hunt allows incoming calls to ring on a number of lines so that the first available person can answer the call.


Call Waiting.
Call Waiting alerts you that you have an incoming call on an engaged line, allows you to hold your current call, take the second call and gives you the ability to switch back to the original caller.

Multi-Company Receptionist.
The Multi-Company Receptionist feature allows one receptionist to answer calls from predetermined PSTN/IP lines, each identified to a specific company, saving you time and money.


Customer's Stories:

Juvenile Integration Centers (CIJ).
Juvenile Integration Centers (CIJ) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and scientific investigation of drug consumption in Mexico. With 110 different centers, CIJ chose to install Epygi's line of Quadro IP PBXs in order to provide benefits, such as IT security, central administration and the use of IP for voice and data communications


The Internet Society.
The Internet Society (ISOC) is a non-profit organisation that provides leadership in Internet related standards, education and policy. They chose the Quadro16xi to enhance their telephone system, and were amazed with its user-friendly system and excellent technical support.