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We deliver conferencing solution to meet any business need.

Epygi's conferencing solution will enable employees to collaborate and make the time spent on conference calls to be more productive. With our high-quality video and audio capabilities you can give your remote team members the possibility of conducting real time discussions from anywhere. Eye-to-eye customer consultations and productive problem solving sessions can also be conducted with Epygi's reliable and affordable conferencing solution.
Epygi's conferencing solution is available on all QX IP PBXs and consists of two licensable features: Audio Conference and Video Conference.
Audio Conferencing feature can be used by any participant who has joined the conference from any phone where one can hear and be heard clearly. 
Video Conferencing feature can be used only by participants who are using video phones. During the video conference the participant's screen automatically focuses on whoever is speaking louder at that time but if needed a participant can easily switch the conference screen mode from automatic to manual thus having the screen show only the preferred conference participant at a time. 

A conference can be easily activated from the GUI page by the Moderator or by the QX Administrator. It can be also activated automatically by pre-scheduling the conference start time and frequency (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly). The activation will trigger dialing out to registered participants and as soon as the conference is activated other participants can easily join by calling to the specified conference number from anywhere in the world no matter from a local or a remote phone. All registered participants will receive email reminders with more details on the upcoming conference prior to its start.

Epygi's conference solution enables the user to:

Automate regular conference calls.

Enable audio and video conferences.

Simple conference set up using the GUI.