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Quality Customer Service, Improved Employee Efficiency.

The RIGHT call centre solution helps companies deliver exceptional customer service, cut costs and build good customer relationships. Epygi's call centre solution is a reliable and scalable tool, all wrapped up in a simple and user-friendly interface. Epygi's Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature together with Epygi ACD Console (EAC) tool provide a complete and robust solution for modern call centres. ACD is designed to receive and queue high-volume inbound calls, then distribute queued calls to the available agents in a call centre whereas EAC is a web application designed to monitor agents activity, store and format data and produce real-time statistical reports.
Epygi's Call Centre Solution offers easy to use tools that do not require local PC installation but are WEB based and provide a very convenient and efficient way of using the system. Best of all, agents can be located anywhere, including remote extensions or mobile phones and can participate in more than one queue. For example, they can service the sales and support call queues at the same time.
Epygi's IP PBX, enhanced with feature-rich call management software, can enable to create call centre queues and have agents, assigned to those queues, to serve incoming callers. Agents will be able to efficiently manage the call centre calls, review various statistics and chat with each other to discuss customer related topics. There are other valuable functions available with this solution, such as the ability of agents to flag each call by including follow-up topics or action items for later review and follow-up. Agents can also login/logout of the queues as needed.
It provides call centre management with the information required to properly monitor call queues in real-time. Supervisors can be assigned to queues for managing and controlling agent activity and can also get detailed reports. They can easily record calls and barge into active calls, between agents and customers, for quality control purposes. Agents can be located at a remote location or locally connected to use their regular phone to receive call centre calls, when active, as well as regular calls to their extension. 
Epygi's call centre solution ensures companies provide their customers with quality service. 

For more details, please visit our Common Call Scenarios' page or get the ACD/EAC technical datasheet here.

Epygi's call centre solution enables the user to:

Place calls into proper queue & dispatch to available agents. Efficiently recognise, answer & route incoming calls.

Monitor queues, agent details & chat with agents. Produce real-time & historical reports.

Deliver exceptional customer service.